I R. THOMPSON, Ian Robert Thompson.

Ian or Tom to his family, friends and colleagues.  Father Scottish, mother English, born in Petersfield, Hampshire in 1944, and now living near Malton, North Yorkshire!

Ian won a Joseph Rowntree scholarship to attend York School of Art, on a two year Graphic Design course.

After art school he first worked in York and then Leeds as a Graphic Designer, where he was employed as a staff artist by John Waddington’s, Leeds, the then owners and makers of Cluedo, Monoploy and lots more besides.  Waddington’s was also one of the country’s largest printers, with several sites throughout the UK.  It was there that he created and produced a variety of designs for games, print and packaging as well as designing postage stamps for Commonwealth countries.

He then went on to establish a long and successful Graphic Design Partnership in Leeds.

He now uses his skills in Photoshop acquired as a Graphic Designer, enjoying the freedom to produce art that enables him to capture and express his individual insight into the complex multi-layered perceptions which are inherent in the fleeting moment. Using state of the art technology with an unconventional technique, he layers colour, texture and shape to give substance to the ephemeral.